None but Ourselves Can Free Our Mind

Bonnie Moehle

About Bonnie Moehle

As a child, I was the oldest of four children and was often called upon to be the caregiver, the peacemaker and the supporter. It came very naturally for me, and I loved being the “responsible one” or the “advisor”. However, as much as I enjoyed the role, I also knew what it felt like to lack a peer who could support me. This is why I have such a passion for working with those who are seeking support. Whether you are in a role of leadership and cannot turn to your peers, or you just need somebody to help you recognize and shift the challenges in everyday life, I can help by providing a non-judgmental, supportive environment, and the tools that truly impact outcomes.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to help many people make dramatic changes in their lives. My practice is based on the belief that we are all endowed with the power to create and attract the life we desire. Included in my teachings are the “How-To’s” for overcoming the patterns and emotions that cause roadblocks to our greatest experience of life. My coaching programs are designed to promote joy, peace, health, prosperity, success, better relationships and overall well being.

I was educated at The University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. For over 20 years I have been actively studying and teaching self-awareness, personal development and the tools for releasing old patterns. I speak nationally and have a private practice in Phoenix where I serve my clients as a Personal Life Coach, Executive Coach and Relationship Coach.

I’m also an author with two books that have been embraced by readers and endorsed by acclaimed New York Times Best Selling authors, Jack Canfield and Ivan Misner. In my first book, Thoughts from Within: A Guide to Inner Peace in a Crazy World, I teach readers how to increase confidence and release, resolve and remove the thoughts and programs that prevent them from living life to its fullest. In my latest book, What is Happiness, and Where Can I Get Some? I share with readers my personal discovery of the source of everlasting happiness and how to find it within. I provide the tools for bringing peace into their lives by revealing how to surrender to “what is” and live in the present moment.

I enjoy facilitating private workshops for groups and businesses interested in creating stress-free environments, better relationships and greater financial success. In addition I have been the keynote speaker at many events. I write for several publications, including a monthly column in Phoenix’s City Sun Times.

My ultimate dream is to participate in helping our world experience a greater level of peace, happiness and success. Whether it be with one person at a time, or on a stage in front of thousands of listeners, watching people wake up to their inner potential is my greatest joy.


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“Embrace every feeling, every moment. We are here to experience life...all of it.” ~ Bonnie Moehle