Here is What People are Saying About Me

“Bonnie is a "one of a kind" spiritual coach. She has a true gift to share with her client's and the world. Bonnie is able to simply communicate the very complex and help you self reflect and transform at your pace. She was able to shift my mindset about all challenges and issues and help me find the perspective I needed to cope and be outrageously positive even during the most difficult times. I highly recommend Bonnie to anyone who is excited and motivated to move their life forward. She IS AMAZING!”

~ Cynthia Wrasman

“I just had to write and let you know how much I enjoyed your talk to our company last week. My colleagues and I were expecting some cheerleading and maybe some 'woo-woo'.  What we got was practical, down to earth advice that we could start using as soon as we walked out of the door.  But, most valuable was the fact that we can use what you taught us in both our personal and business lives. Of the many pertinent points you taught us, specifically what stands out in my mind is: to give ourselves credit for the small things we do each day; to not internalize the behavior of others and to strive to be in the 'present'. Thank you so much for your insightful and heartfelt words of wisdom!”

~ Brent Sullivan

“I am a professional advisor, coach, certified Hypnotherapist, and lifelong metaphysical student of life strategies. I heard Bonnie speak at an event and decided to learn more about her life and professional coaching services. Bonnie is very intelligent, has a dynamic way of approaching life and provides excellent skills everyone can use to improve their personal and professional lives. I have said many times that if I had Bonnie's teachings early in my life, it would have quickly changed the quality of my internal life and shortened the path I took to help others. I am applying her teachings in my practice. Bonnie has a simple formula to apply to our lives and an effective answer to heal a lot of what ails most people without years of study. I highly recommend her and her two books.”


~ C.I. Trell


“I have had the pleasure of attending two of Bonnie's speaking engagements, and I have found her advice practical and life-changing. Her upbeat personality and personal experiences make her message more meaningful, and her genuine desire to help others improve themselves and their lives is both inspiring and admirable. I would recommend Bonnie to anyone seeking self-enlightenment and valuable life balancing techniques.”

~ Stacey Craig, CPA

“I am privileged to know Bonnie and to have had a chance to learn from her. The principals that she has shared with me personally and her books have benefitted my career, my relationships, and every other aspect of life. Not only is she profoundly insightful, but she has an edgy and entertaining way of teaching that captures her audience. She's absolutely magnetic.”


~ Bonnie Chase

“Bonnie was a life-saver at a point in my life when I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and worry. I couldn't sleep or function…Bonnie gave me specific exercises to do every day and tools I still go back to. The notes I took while Bonnie coached me are invaluable to me. I keep them in the nightstand next to my bed, for handy reference. I highly recommend Bonnie as a "life balancing" coach.”

~ Wendy Bellows

“Bonnie is one of the most inspiring and passionate people that I know. Bonnie embodies a dynamic leader and professional who takes great pride in exceeding each client's expectations. There is not enough positive feedback that I can provide regarding Bonnie's work ethic, professionalism, and level of service. Bonnie can effectively assist anyone with becoming a more well-rounded person or professional. I highly recommend working with and getting to know Bonnie.”

~ Jason Bressler

“Bonnie is an amazing coach! She is able to produce results in your life that you never thought possible. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for ways to improve their life and career. Just one meeting with her will help you immensely.”

~ Christine Forakis

“If you're ever seeking advice, whether personnel or for your business purposes, Bonnie Moehle is a great coach to clarify things, provide you with the necessary tools helping you to develop adequate strategies and to find solutions!”

~ Armin Widman

“Bonnie is genuinely interested in a person's well-being. She is gifted at listening to a person's needs and knows what to say to guide a person to move forward. She is an excellent teacher, not just giving answers, but rather helping motivate someone to find his/her answers. Her compassion for all knows no bounds.”

~ Lisa Raymond

“I have experienced phenomenal personal growth and direction with Bonnie's services. She is nothing less than excellent on all levels. I have made more personal recommendations to friends and family to reach out to her than I can count. The results she brings are life changing!”

~ Aaron Kleinschmidt

“Bonnie is an exceptional person to work with. Her vision is like windows into your soul. After spending one hour with her, you walk out feeling at least 10 lbs have been lifted off your shoulders, and the world makes sense again. Whatever the issue is, Bonnie has a way of cutting through the minutia and helping sort out the real problem. Thanks Bonnie!”

~ Barbara Broyles

“There are many "zen" or "cumbya" life coaches out there, but Bonnie is truly insightful. Her approach is consistent and simply makes sense. Rather than simply critiquing me and my situation on a week to week basis, Bonnie provided me with the tools I needed to heal myself. And that's something I found empowering. She truly is the Happiness Coach!”

~ Doron Krinetz

“Bonnie is amazing! If you need a little direction in your life she can do amazing things! I highly recommend her. She completely changed my life. To this day I still utilize the tools I learned from her 3 years ago. I feel like I know secrets that I wish i had learned years ago. I am glad I know them now! Thanks Bon, your the best!”


~ Heather Lundervold

“I have known Bonnie since 2007 which is about four years. In that time she has helped me grow as an individual. She is a very high energy, confident, and knowledgeable person in her industry. She constantly surprises me with her ability to make a bad situation good and enlighten those around her. I would and have recommended her to anyone I know that is dealing with a hard situation or just needs someone to share personal things with. I see Bonnie as a trusted advisor and great individual to have close to you.”

~ Jim Jones

“Bonnie has incredible insight into what people need to do to pull their personal and professional lives together daily. Her strategies and practical tips can enhance the lives of people open to her terrific suggestions. Her recent appearance on Ch 3's morning news was full of valuable, powerful ideas and tools that was appropriate for TV viewers looking for a solid plan to make 2011 a successful, prosperous, Happy New Year. I recommend Bonnie Moehle to anyone looking for incredible guidance to improve the quality of their life by incorporating her easy to follow step-by-step plans.”

~ Mike Hayashi, M.Ed.

“Having known Bonnie for several years now, there are a few traits that stand out in watching her interact with people. First is her commitment that people get the most out of what they're doing by providing insights as to how they can better benefit from their use of their time. Secondly, she brings an atmosphere of peace and tranquility to all of her conversations that help diffuse whatever stresses and upsets you may be dealing with. Thirdly, there is a strong positive attitude filled with love of people that makes you feel important and can make a difference. Anyone who chooses to work with her as their coach will benefit from all of these as well as a well defined sense of business.”

~ Glenn Mire

“If you were to look up the word passionate in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Bonnie. She is one of the nicest, helpful, passionate, and genuine people I have ever met. I would recommend her highly.”


~ Dave Sherman

“Bonnie's books and lectures are inspiring.”


~ Russell Groen

“When I went thru a divorce after being married for 24 years & at the same time went thru the passing of my parents…I was devastated. I went to several psychologists without feeling better about anything. I didn't know Bonnie at that time…really wish I would have. I would have felt better years before. I've told friends who have been going thru crisis about Bonnie..they love her and her expertise! And, they are healing in a short amount of time. Go see her for small or large things that are bothering you in life…work, spouse, significant other or just life in general…you won't be sorry!”


~ Judy Cook

“Bonnie is a terrific life coach. I am still able to rely on the tools she taught me to use to create more peace in my life. Her skills and perception are superior. If you are having any type of conflict in your life, she can get you through it to happiness.”

~ Cindy Chamberlain

“I've had the privilege to work with Bonnie Moehle over the course of the past 7 years. Her unique ability to provide clear, concise tools have given me tremendous insight both professionally and personally. When I recommend her to people and businesses it is with the knowledge that she will help transform their lives.”


~ Julie Burillo

“Bonnie is very insightful and knowledgeable about the human condition. She truly cares about the well being of others and provides an unconditional faith in us. During the short time that we worked together, she helped me connect the dots on life issues that I was unable to overcome even with the help of therapy or church ministers. And in the first meeting. It has been over a year and her guidance is still with me today. She really helped me leave much of the unwanted garbage behind so that I may live life to the fullest. Thank you Bon! Keep spreading the news!”

~ Christina Reisdorf

“Bonnie has a simplistic approach to help people work through day to day challenges in a practical way.  If you are off balance in your life, Bonnie is a great tool to help you harmonize it.”

~ Jacie Paulk

“Embrace every feeling, every moment. We are here to experience life...all of it.” ~ Bonnie Moehle