It is My Passion to Help People Create Extraordinary Relationships!


Relationship Coaching

Relationships mirror to us who we are and where we are emotionally… and they can be challenging, because the people we are the most intimate with are those who “push our buttons” the most. It is also those people who can be our greatest teachers if we learn to understand why we are reacting to them the way we do. With the knowledge and tools I give my clients, even the most difficult relationships become a great gift.

I have worked with people on many areas of relationship: repairing a marriage, grieving a loss, raising children, handling a nasty boss, finding the perfect mate, etc. Many of my clients work with me following a break-up so that they can understand the reasons for the break-up and move forward in a healthy way, without repeating the same patterns in the next relationship. I also help them to release any guilt or blame that is holding them in pain.

I also work with people on the verge of a break-up, to help them see and heal the problems that are tearing them apart. Did you know that it only takes one person in a relationship doing the work to change the whole dynamic of that relationship?

What You Will Get From Our Sessions:

  • Support in a non-judgmental environment
  • An understanding of your own behaviors and reactions and how they impact all of your experiences
  • The answers to having a great relationship with yourself which is imperative to having a great relationship with others
  • Skills for better communication
  • An understanding of the behaviors and reactions of others
  • Tools for shifting the entire dynamic of a relationship
  • Letting go of needing, wanting, and grasping (and pushing someone away)
  • How to be completely authentic and create trusting relationships
  • How to avoid repeating the same patterns over and over again
  • How to really love and what real love is


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