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What is Happiness, and Where Can I Get Some?

We’ve all heard that happiness comes from within, but we don’t quite know how to access it. We keep looking for it outside of ourselves in material possessions or validation from others. Sure, we get those temporary quick fixes, but not the everlasting happiness we are all yearning for. Bonnie Moehle shares with you her personal discovery of the source of everlasting happiness, and how to go inside yourself and get it.


Thoughts from Within: A Guide to Inner Peace in a Crazy World

Thoughts From Within is the perfect guide to moving through emotional pain and discomfort and learning how to experience and maintain happiness in your life. A collection of inspirational articles, Thoughts From Within teaches you all how to increase self-love and move through the thoughts and programs that prevent you from living life to its fullest. Bonnie Moehle provides the tools for bringing peace into your life by teaching you how to surrender to “what is” and live in the present moment. In this crazy world, Thoughts From Within is a gift that shows how to discover and use the power you never knew you had, to experience a life of peace and joy.

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"In the fall of 2004 I experienced a profound spiritual awakening that has since brought amazing peace to my life. A friend introduced me to a wonderful life coach named Bonnie. I discovered through her gift of teaching, a life transformed from constant fear and pain to one of surrender, acceptance, and deeper knowing. She was able to show me how to change my perceptions, watch my thoughts, and listen to my Internal Teacher. Bonnie also guided me by showing me how to get out of the pain of the past, the worry of the future, and truly become present. My life is deeply changed. By learning to surrender and finding self-love, I now have the keys to a truly peaceful life. I am so happy she has decided to share her Thoughts From Within with the world through this beautiful book"

- Katherine Koenig


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“Embrace every feeling, every moment. We are here to experience life...all of it.” ~ Bonnie Moehle