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What is Happiness, and Where Can I Get Some?

Discovering Your Own Happiness

In "What is Happiness and Where Can I Get Some?" Bonnie Moehle packs a lot of punch into a little book. She doesn't beat around the bush in describing how happiness is found within ourselves and how we can discover it. The book is well-laid out and gives practical advice on how to live a more fulfilled life. She doesn't dwell on theory. An excellent read!

~ Leslie L. Kohler "Author-Sins of the Border"

What Is Happiness and Where Can I Get Some?

This book is life changing! No matter what the problem is that you are encountering in your life, this book can help! Bonnie Moehle's insight can be applied to ANYTHING!!! Whether I am feeling depressed, having relationship troubles, or am having stress or anxiety about a given problem in my life, I can just pick up this book and find the answers I am searching for. Moehle's words have even rid me of insomnia! I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone and everyone! There are so many self-help books out there, but none are like this one! And it is only around 100 pages, so it isn't overwhelming with extraneous information. Every page has something helpful and insightful on it. I encourage anyone who comes across this book to buy it and look into the teachings of Bonnie Moehle!

~ Kim Goldberg

Great Book

This is a very profound and thought provoking book. It makes you think about your relationships with people and how you react to the things that happen to you in life. It gives you very good approaches on how to handle and change your thinking.

~ Jeannie K. Bridges

Thoughts from Within:
A Guides to Inner Peace in a Crazy World

Insightful and Thought Provoking

This little book is quite a gem, and really spoke to me. Bonnie is giving us the recipe to open up and live the life we were created to live. Not a life of human negative emotions that we inflict upon ourselves, but how to be happy in the moment. I have read The Secret (which was no secret) and God Winks and The Four Agreements, The Twelve Pillars, and many, many more. Bonnie's words spoke to me on a much more personal level, and really connected. A suggestion to readers. Affirmative Self Talk is really important to changing your thoughts. Make your own list of daily self affirmations and repeat them every morning to yourself in the mirror, every day. Start with 50-100 self affirmations, and the list will grow. This positive action of self love will take you farther than you can imagine as you awaken to who you really are. I am going to purchase several more copies as gifts for friends. She is awesome on the page, and in person. And the best part is I can notate on the pages of my little book, and carry it with me for reference. Its a treat to read.

~ Susan Fleischer

Thoughts from Within A Guide to Inner Peace In a Crazy World

This book is an enjoyable and insightful read that provides an increased understanding in how to change our thoughts; to trust; to manifest our dreams; and more importantly, to love ourselves. Embracing each challenging experience, no matter how difficult, as an opportunity to refine ourselves as balanced spiritual beings releases fear, anxiety and stress. Self-knowledge is essential to living life with love, joy and peace.

~ Julie Burillo

Thoughts From Within: A Guide to Inner Peace

This easy to read book is the perfect way to begin the journey on the road to leading a happy, healthy life. Through Bonnie's own personal experiences, she allows us to see that it is possible to overcome the obstacles that may be holding us back from living life to the fullest- instead of living in FEAR. She covers everything from self love,relationships with others,the mind -body connection and understanding how to be "present" in all that you do. Bonnie helps you change your perceptions and see all things- even tragedy- in a different light. I am going to give this book to everyone that I love and care about. It's worth reading over and over again!

~ Amy R. Bailie

“Embrace every feeling, every moment. We are here to experience life...all of it.” ~ Bonnie Moehle