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Welcome. I am Bonnie Moehle (pronounced may-lee). I am passionate about helping my clients make significant and meaningful changes in their lives. My goal is to help them uncover their true potential so they can lead a life that is peaceful, joyful and highly successful. My clientele range from those who are experiencing anxiety, worry, grief, and emotional pain, to those who value personal development and see it as an integral part of their life, their relationships and their business success. I have been Coaching for over 20 years, and have seen my clients make dramatic changes in their lives.

If you are looking to overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, have amazing relationships or learn and grow, I would love to help.


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I work with clients one-on-one to help them recognize and release the patterns and programs that create the challenges they are experiencing. I then teach them tools and step-by-step processes that are easy to apply to everyday life, so they can experience real, permanent change.



I have worked with my clients on many areas of relationship: repairing a marriage, grieving a loss, raising children, handling a nasty boss, finding the perfect mate, etc. Many of my clients work with me following a break-up, so that they can move forward in a healthy way.



It is my passion to work with business owners, executives, CEOs and mid- to upper-level managers as a sounding board, a confidant and the coach who can give them the tools to deal with the stressors in both their professional and personal lives.


Available Now

What is Happiness and
Where Can I get Some?


We’ve all heard that happiness comes from within, but we don’t quite know how to access it. In this book, Bonnie Moehle shares with you her personal discovery of the source of everlasting happiness, and how to go inside and get it.


"There are many "zen" or "cumbya" life coaches out there, but Bonnie is truly insightful. Her approach is consistent and simply makes sense. Rather than simply critiquing me and my situation on a week to week basis, Bonnie provided me with the tools I needed to heal myself. And that's something I found empowering. She truly is the Happiness Coach!"
~ Doron Krinetz

"Bonnie is an exceptional person to work with. Her vision is like windows into your soul. After spending one hour with her, you walk out feeling at least 10 lbs have been lifted off your shoulders, and the world makes sense again. Whatever the issue is, Bonnie has a way of cutting through the minutia and helping sort out the real problem. Thanks Bonnie!"
~ Barbara Broyles

"I am privileged to know Bonnie and to have had a chance to learn from her. The principals that she has shared with me personally and her books have benefitted my career, my relationships, and every other aspect of life. Not only is she profoundly insightful, but she has an edgy and entertaining way of teaching that captures her audience. She's absolutely magnetic."
~ Bonnie Chase

“Embrace every feeling, every moment. We are here to experience life...all of it.” ~ Bonnie Moehle